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Interested in using your social media handles to earn an extra buck from wherever you are? Taifa Digital is looking for influencers and internet marketers to join our team. Our freelance influencers share and promote our products and services through social media to grow the Taifa Digital audience across the world. This is an opportunity for bloggers, internet marketers and social media fanatics who want to use their platforms and social media handles to generate a few extra bucks.

If you’re interested in working with us, please read the following guidelines:

How it works

You will be required to register yourself as an influencer on our website, which takes less than a minute, to be considered.

Click here to register as an Influencer...

On successful registration, you will be assigned a user identification code which will be used to collect your generated traffic statistics.

You will also have a user profile where you will have access to sharable links, traffic statistics.

To start earning you will be required to share any or all of the links that are assigned to you in the links tab on your profile.

You will earn everytime a user visits our website by clicking on the link you shared. The visitors you invite will be divided into two groups; new visitors (first time visitors on Taifa Digital) and normal visitors (have previously visited Taifa Digital).

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All payments will be made twice a month through Safaricom MPESA & Airtel Money for Kenyans or Paypal for all other countries.


In order to be a paid member of the Taifa Digital Influencers, please familiarise yourself with the content we produce.

All your details should be true and up-to-date.

Please note that we reserve the right to terminate your account due to unsuitability, unethical use of bots & crawlers, a breach of our terms and conditions or the unlawful use of our platform,products and services if required.

Suggestions / Recommendations : We welcome any suggestions that you might have for us to increase our reach, services or improve our products. Send us an email to or through our Contact form.

Influencer Benefits

We Captivate! - Our stories are of a wide variety and target different audiences. We ensure that our stories captivate our influencers and their corresponding followers. We welcome influencer suggestions and feedback in the presentation and editing processes of our stories to maximise our reach.

We Promote! - All our influencers receive their own Influencer page featuring a bio and links to their social media accounts, taifadigital links they can share and their statistics and earnings.

We Pay! - We pay competitive rates for each visitor.

Interested in Joining?

Register as an influencer and start working with us.

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