Corruption and Leadership in Kenya

By Tonney Odhiambo

Kenya, in the words of Mwalimu Nyerere is undoubtedly a man eat man society. Am not a prophet and I don’t want to be one but according to how I see things, the first word our kids will learn to speak will be corruption. Kenya is corrupt to an extent that even getting a degree in some of our public institutions depends on how much you are willing to give to the lecturers so that without marking the scrips, will just give you the grade worth the amount you gave him/her. That’s why we are having houses collapsing because they were built by incompetent engineers who bribed the lecturers to award them the degrees. .

Recently the furi furi hitmaker Jimmy Gait was diagnosed with cancer in one of our Kenyan Hospitals but when he decided to seek medication abroad, the cancer was nowhere to be detected on him. So this can tell you how serious we are going to fall into a bottomless pit as a country if we are not careful enough. The inventors of corruption in this country are our politicians. There is no single politician in Kenya who cannot define the word corruption and if you think am lying go and try Sonko, Waititu or Joho. .

When king Kaka composed a song exposing the filth brought about by these politicians, he received a strong criticism from a number of them but the majority of the people stood by the “Wajinga nyinyi hitmaker.” .

The one thing that makes me hate Kenya the most is how fast Kenyans forget. A politician will never come to your aid at a time of calamities. They always lie to the youths that they are the leaders of tomorrow but they will make sure that that tomorrow never comes. Miguna Miguna confirmed to us very clearly that it is every politician’s dream that the entire population remain poor so that they can control them the way they want with something like Ksh 100. We need to wake up as a nation and do away with these cartels who are just looting public resources. In fact, we need to round them up and hung them on the first tree we could set our eyes on. .

I don’t want to hit hard on the government because the last person who tried that is now in Toronto trying to fight his way back to Kenya, but I want to make it clear to these politicians that their time will come and they will regret for having treated the voters like trash. They have seriously bruised Kenyan economy as they steal and back stroke in the pools of tax payers’ money. 2022 is coming and I urge all Kenyans to be red alert and avoid re-electing these under-performing political quacks, starting from my county Kisumu, where Anyang’ Nyong’o has failed terribly. The Governor has no positive record apart from big terms he uses in public interviews. Go to the area he comes from, Seme the roads are still in a pathetic condition not mentioning that he has been an Mp,Senator and now the Governor.

So Kenyans i sincerely plead with you to be smart when voting in your next leaders so that you won't come to regret later.

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