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There is no way Uhuru can neglect his national duties to attend to you, Raila tells Miguna

By E. Wambwa

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has told lawyer Miguna Miguna that he should stop making threats over his failed return to Kenya.

The former Prime Minister said that Miguna, who was once his advisor, is inconsequential and "will be allowed to come and make noise here in the country."

"Miguna Miguna anabweka bweka kama umbwa huko. Wacha akuje abweke hapa. Wanasema eti tuna muogopa, eti Uhuru anaogopa Miguna. Sisi tunaweza ogopa miguna kweli?" Raila said.

The ODM leader said as a matter of fact he is the one who offered Miguna a job and there is no way he could be afraid of him.

Raila said there is no way President Uhuru Kenyatta can neglect his national duties to attend to Miguna.

"Hio ni kazi ya Matiangi, sio Uhuru Kenyatta. We want everybody to be included under this BBI and there is no one who doesn't want Miguna in his motherland," Raila said.

The ODM leader was speaking in Kisii where he dismissed claims he was behind the woes that have befallen Miguna.

Raila on Friday said in the spirit of BBI, which is championing for the game of inclusivity, he wishes that Miguna comes back to the country as sooner.

He said it was unfortunate that some people had decided to drag his name into Miguna's drama after he was barred from traveling back to the country earlier in the week.

He said despite what the self-declared general has undergone through, he will eventually be allowed in the country.

Raila’s sentiments come even as Miguna said the state should pay for his lawyers' return tickets to his current location to accompany him back to Kenya.

Miguna wants the court to block the state from making any demands on him but comply with all the orders issued in his favour.

Any officer disobeying the court orders should be jailed for least three years, Miguna said in an affidavit filed in court.

"They should be compelled to buy return tickets for me and for at least of my advocates and two officers of the KNHRC so that these officers and advocates can travel to wherever I am and accompany me to Kenya," reads his statement.

Miguna has urged the courts to ban the state from conducting business before the High Court until they comply with all the orders including paying fines, damages, costs and interests accrued.

In his affidavit, Miguna reveals the trouble he has gone through since his return saga began.

"I have spent a lot of money in hotels, transports, long-distance telephone and other incidentals in search of alternative means of travelling to Nairobi," Miguna says.

He has also accused the security services of hacking into the Lufthansa website on December 19 to cancel his original booking.

According to Miguna, the state used the flight information he had put up on social media to illegally sign in to the booking website and cancel his flight.

He also claims that Lufthansa and Air France have not refunded to him over $5,000 (Sh500,000) that he had used to book the two-way flights.

The embattled lawyer maintains that he has not been categorised as an unruly passenger by any airline.

Since 2018, he says, he has flown on numerous airlines from and to Dubai, London, Mexico, USA, German, Austria, Swiss and French destinations without any issues with any airline.

Miguna said that after being ejected from Air France, and unlike Lufthansa, the staff were rude and refused to accommodate his situation.

He wasn’t given water to drink, his refund claims were rejected and they also refused to give him any accommodation or take him to their lounge.

“I had to book a room at Hilton located near Terminal 2 of the Charles De Gaulle Airport for one night at €169 . I went to bed past 2am on January 8 exhausted, frustrated and feeling abused” he added.

The High Court on Friday directed the Attorney General or any senior state representative to appear before it to explain the reason for disobeying court orders in the Miguna case.

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